The main reason we are contacted about upholstery cleaning is when soiling has become visible and the customer wants to improve the appearance of their furniture. Maybe there are a few spots and stains or general ground in soiling which can cause upholstery to look tired and dingy as well as retaining bad odours. There is of course no shame in these things – spillages and built-up dirt are an inevitable part of life, particularly if you have children and pets! However, these things don’t have to be permanent and can be addressed with professional upholstery cleaning.

Often a customer will even be contemplating replacing their furniture and will call us as a last resort. They are often both surprised and delighted by how good their furniture looks with a fresh scent after a thorough, deep upholstery clean. This of course can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

As with carpet cleaning, when it comes to upholstery cleaning, we advise extreme caution about taking things into your own hands. A common misconception about upholstered furniture is that the zip is to allow it to be taken off to put in the washing machine. However, you should never wash upholstered furniture yourself. If you do this, not only do you risk shrinkage, but you will potentially alter it’s finish or shade putting it at odds with the rest of the piece.

Looking after your Upholstery

At the end of the day, furniture is an expensive item, so it’s always worth looking after it with regular cleaning. Ideally upholstered furniture should be vacuumed twice per week to remove dry soil. However, even if you are diligent, there will come a time when a professional clean will be in order to remove any spots, stains and ground in soil that routine vacuuming is unable to shift.

The amount of hidden dirt a sofa can hold never fails to surprise me. I remember the first time I ever got my sofa cleaned. I didn’t think it looked particularly bad, but it was getting a bit musty. I was so shocked at how dirty the water was when that sofa was cleaned…it was grim! When it was completely dry it was a few shades lighter –  I realised I’d forgotten how vibrant the upholstery had been when it was new.

Removal of allergens and bacteria

If you have owned your furniture for a while, but not had it professionally cleaned before, it is not only the appearance of it that should be your concern. The upholstery will likely contain allergens and bacteria that greatly decrease the quality of the air you breathe in which will impact your health and well-being.

Prolong the life of your furniture

Dirt and grime will also cause the upholstery to wear and break down at a much faster rate. Getting a deep upholstery clean on a regular basis will help prevent this from happening and extend the life of your furniture.

We offer safe and effective cleaning of all kinds of fabric upholstery including sofas of all shapes and sizes, armchairs, cuddle-chairs, pouffes, ottomans etc using our lower moisture extraction system. Minimal water usage means a safer, quick drying clean all carried out with the most environmentally kind, plant-based cleaning solutions.

Bring back the beauty of your furniture with a deep upholstery clean

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