Frequently Asked Questions


Will I have to clear all the furniture out of the room?

If you want us to clean under sofas etc and are able to move them then moving them beforehand it would obviously be helpful to us. However, we do understand that moving heavy furniture will simply not be possible for everyone. We will always do our very best to work to your needs and help you with any furniture that can reasonably be moved. For very heavy pieces of course, this might not always be possible, but we can work around them if necessary. We would ask for your help in removing any delicate items or electronic equipment safely out of harm’s way before we arrive.

Do I have to vacuum before you arrive?

This isn’t necessary. Dry soil extraction and an intense pre-vacuum is a key part of our process.  This will be carried out beforehand on every carpet or upholstery clean without exception. It’s all part of our quality service, so go make yourself a cup of tea instead.

How long will it take you to clean my carpets?

This will vary, depending on the degree of soiling and/or stains. However, our modern, efficient processes should have you back using your home, office or business premises in no time. In the vast majority of cases, carpets will be clean, dry and ready to be used almost immediately.

How many times a year should I have my carpets cleaned?

On average household carpets should be cleaned every 12 months as a minimum. However, more occupants in the household, pets, smokers and children may mean a more regular clean would be more suitable. Obviously the longer the period of time between cleans, the more difficult it will be to get the carpets back to original. If you are someone who likes to have their carpets in pristine condition all year round we can tailor a lower cost maintenance plan – please ask us for details.