Carpet Cleaning

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

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If carpet is left unclean for too long dangerous bacteria and other pathogens can build up. Obviously, these things can harm you if they are transferred directly to you on contact, but they can also impact the air quality of your home. Indoor air quality is a significant home health concern because the average home can harbour as many as 200,000 bacteria for every square inch of carpet. Carpets and rugs act as giant air filters for your home, trapping allergens and bacteria and keeping them out of the air you breathe. Just like any air filter, they need to be properly and regularly cleaned to remain optimally effective.

But what are the tell-tale signs you should look out for that may mean it’s time to call a carpet cleaning professional?

Does it seem like it’s losing its colour or appears less vibrant?

If it’s a room which catches a lot of sun then of course sun, of course it’s entirely possible that this is the reason it could be fading.

However, it’s equally possible that it may be happening as a result of something a little more sinister. It’s an uncomfortable thought, but the fact is that 2,000 dust mites can live in just one ounce of carpet dust. As well as holding on to ingrained dirt and being the perfect habitat for mites and similar crawlies, your carpet will also be holding onto things like hair, pet dander, bacteria and allergens. If your carpet is reasonably new, it’s very possible the things you would rather not think about are the real culprits. So, if your carpets look jaded, before going out and spending a ton of money on replacement, consider calling a carpet cleaning professional.

Does your vacuum bag seem to be getting fuller faster than it was?

If this is the case, the chances are that your carpet fibres are holding a serious quantity of debris. Using the vacuum while the bag is close to being full is going to really diminish the effectiveness of your vacuum. It will almost become a waste of time, so again, if this is happening, call a carpet cleaning professional.

Does your carpet feel rough when you run your hand over it?

Obviously, older carpets won’t have that super soft feeling they had the day they were first laid. If the room is used a lot there will be high traffic areas, where the pile will be more flattened making these areas harder to the touch. Another fact which is a very unpleasant thought indeed, is a lot of dried in dirt within carpet is actually dead skin that has fallen from your own body. What could be worse than that? Well, what if you have just moved in to a new place and you still have the carpet of the previous owner or tenant…someone else’s dead skin! Gross! So, if your carpet is still fairly new yet feels quite rough, consider calling a carpet cleaning professional.

Do you have stains that won’t come out?

If there are stains on your carpet, trying to remove yourself you may be risking damaging your carpet by either applying the wrong substances or end up rubbing the fibres too hard and bursting the pile. It is far wiser to call a professional who will use the ideal solutions and the employ the correct techniques for a variety of different stains.

Do you actually remember the last time your carpets were cleaned?

Most people should try and get their carpets cleaned at least once a year. However, if you have pets or kids maybe even more frequently than that.

While its an added expense you just don’t want to pay for right now, looking after your carpets properly is going to work in your favour in the long run and will significantly delay that time when you have no choice but to go to the far greater expense of replacement.

By booking a professional carpet clean, you will also be safeguarding the health of yourself and your loved ones. This point is of course brought into even more focus given the lockdown restrictions we have all been under. We are all spending so much more time at home, so, at least make sure it’s a healthy home!