Different carpet cleaning methods of soil extraction

First and foremost, dry and impacted soils should be thoroughly extracted. We believe this is by far the most important stage and is fundamental to achieving the best results possible. If this process is done properly, an incredible 80% of the total soil in the carpet will be extracted. Think about it…what happens when you add water to dirt? Yes, it turns to mud!

The next stage is where the actual carpet cleaning process takes place and ground in soil is effectively separated from the carpet fibres. A pre-conditioner is applied to the carpet and agitated before being left to dwell for the required period of time (usually 15-30 mins).

The final cleaning stage is where the soil is actually extracted from the carpet and here is where there are a few different approaches which are outlined below.

Rinse extraction carpet cleaning

This is probably the most well-known method also known as Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning. A rinsing solution (usually very hot) is sprayed under pressure directly into the carpet, suspending soils. The vacuum system of the machine will then suck up the soil laden water. It is suitable for light or heavy soil loads, but water and energy consumption are high. As large volumes of water are used, drying times will be greatly extended. Adequate ventilation and air movement are essential for effective drying.

Soil absorption carpet cleaning

Here a dampened absorbent pad or bonnet is attached to a rotary or oscillating pad machine and passed slowly over the carpet. Soil is absorbed into the pad and it is intermittently replaced with a clean one.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning

This is a lower moisture cleaning system that can be carried out with rotary, oscillating pad or contra rotating brush machines. The agitating pad or brush whips a specialist pre-conditioning solution into a light foam. The cleaning solution holds the sheared soil in suspension and encapsulates it as it dries. When drying is complete, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed again to remove the now dry encapsulated soil. We are big fans of this carpet cleaning method because it produces fantastic cleaning results. The pre-conditioning solutions are plant derived and kind to the environment. Water consumption is kept to an absolute minimum which is great in terms of sustainability. For our customers, minimal water usage also means that their carpet is dry and ready for use almost immediately.

Very low moisture carpet cleaning

This method is slightly different to the others. Procedures can differ between carpet cleaning companies, but essentially a low moisture compound containing millions of micro sponges is agitated into the carpet with a contra rotating brush machine. These sponges basically work in the same way as an ordinary sponge works and absorb soils from the carpet. When the compound is completely dry, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed. This method is often recommended by carpet manufacturers as the only safe process to clean carpets that contain viscose, sisal, seagrass and other similar plant fibres. This is a method that can be used to great effect in both residential and commercial situations. It is particularly effective on low profile commercial carpet and carpet tiles often found in offices. Carpets are dry and ready to be walked on immediately which is convenient for homeowners and less downtime for commercial customers.